Liberal Democracy
is under siege


The Renew Democracy Initiative (RDI) is an idea advocacy organization whose purpose is to strengthen the intellectual, moral, and social case for liberal democracy and the ideals of the free world. These ideals have come under attack from populist and authoritarian movements around the world, including right here in the US. In order to defend liberal democracy, RDI seeks to unite the center-left and center-right as we advocate for both big ideas and tactical solutions to the many challenges facing us today.


What We Do


Refresh Civics Education in the US


Organize Conferences, Panels, & Working Groups

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Influence Decision-makers on Key Issues


Civics education in the US is in crisis. Just 30% of the millennial generation view living in a democracy as essential*. In order to promote a more productive civil discourse in the US, we will work with nonprofits, teachers, local school districts, and universities to develop materials that will help high school and college students learn about the principles underlying our liberal democracy.

We will serve as a convener of experts and decision-makers on issues important to our mission. The goal of these meetings will be to generate new ideas, refine existing ideas, and disseminate our learnings broadly among decision-makers, the general public, and college campuses.

We will work with state and national decision-makers to make progress on issues critical to RDI’s mission. This will include supporting good governance legislation and convening leaders on both the left and right to meet with and compromise with the other side.  

Support our Cause

Sign the Manifesto


We have worked with concerned individuals across the political spectrum  to create a strong and comprehensive document in support of liberal democracy worldwide. This is our rallying cry! Please sign on to join us in this fight.

Give to RDI

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Each dollar you contribute will go to reestablishing a more productive political dialogue and supporting initiatives that fight for liberal democracy, improve civics education, and promote good governance. If you contribute $50 or more, we will send you a free copy of our book - Fight for Liberty. If you contribute $100 or more, our founder, Garry Kasparov, will send you a personal, signed copy. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that all donations are tax-deductible.

Get Involved


As RDI grows, so do the opportunities to get involved in the critical work of revitalizing our civic society! You can establish a local RDI chapter or get involved in an existing chapter. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Add your voice to the chorus calling for unity around our our core values by signing the manifesto. Support RDI by contributing to our work. Get involved! Join our Movement!